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on Mon, 12/08/2014 - 14:12
Day 1, Sat, 10/25/14
SMDM hired a bus and took us to Ft. Lauderdale airport.   Fr. Al led the prayers, holy rosary, renewing of faith while on the bus.  We arrived in Kingston, Jamaica in the afternoon and the MOP brothers picked us up. 
Day 2, Sun, 10/26/14
I was assigned to do the apostolic works in Jacob's well, the home of 79 mentally ill women;  13 years old is the youngest and 104 years old is the oldest.  I washed and dressed the wounds of 3 residents.  I felt like washing the wounds of Jesus Crist.
We attended the mass officiated by Fr. Ambrose.   In his homily he mentioned about the martyrdom of the 2 brothers who were shot by a sniper while washing the dishes in the kitchen.
We went back to the monastery to pray, eat lunch, take a break, pray the rosary, eat dinner, do the silent prayer.
Day 3, Mon, 10/27/14
Rising at 5:30;  Mass/prayer at 5:45; Meditation at 6:45; Breakfast at 7:30; Apostolic works at 8:30 (schedule subject to change)
My second day at Jacob's well.  I met Shenonette with facial deformity and abandoned by her parents.  Jeannie and I massaged the bedridden residents.  I helped the brothers with grocery shopping.  SMDM group, Luz and I paid for the bill.
Day 4, Tues, 10/28/14
My apostolic work is at the Lord's Place, women residents , adjacent to the HIV residence.  Dotty from Luz's group and I made halo balloons for the residents, excited to have felt a taste of heaven.  We also fed the residents. I also learned how to play domino with HIV patients.
In the afternoon, we attended a mass at Corpus Christi monastery celebrating the death of 2 MOP martyrs, Bro. Surith from India and Bro. Marco from the Philippines.
Day 5, Wed, 10/29/14
A.M. mass celebrated by Fr. Al.  His homily was about entering the narrow door.  We have to become little (humble, poor in spirit) in order to enter the narrow gate reserved for the childlike.
The Good Shepherd, home of 63 male residents, was my destination.  I assisted Mary Kay in taking the blood pressure, sugar and pulse of the residents.  I also massaged their hands and arms.  The rest of the afternoon, Jeannie and I played domino with a few of them.
Day 6, Thurs, 10/30/14
My last assignment was Bethlehem where 63 mentally and physically handicapped children are being taken care of.  Lita from Luz's group and I dressed their contorted body, fed them and massaged them with lotion.
After the mass at Corpus Cristi, we headed to Mt. Tabor for our 3 day retreat.
Day 7, Fri, 10/31/14 to day 9, Sun, 11/2/14
Retreat Theme:  Seeking and Serving Christ by retreat master Fr. Ambrose
Talk 1  Pilgrims on earth:  Seeking God in a secular world
Talk 2  The inner self:  A sanctuary of God within
Talk 3  Call to Blessedness:  Beatitudes are the marks of Christian life
              Things for spiritual life: prayer, penance, alms giving.
Talk 4  Call to Blessedness:  Serving Christ by serving the least
             Serving the poor (the unwanted, the unloved)
Talk 5  Prophet to the nations:  Laity to serve as conscience of society
Bro Augusto gave a talk about the examination of conscience.
Fr. Al and Fr. Seamus gave confessions.
Day 10, 11/3/14
Home sweet home.  Lesson I learned and am bringing with me?  To embrace the good and the bad character of a person.  I promise to practice gentleness to my husband even when he is on his negative mood.