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Mission Statement

Education is a key element in eliminating poverty.  The foundation
is committed to providing financial and hands on support in building
schools and providing education resources for youth studies and adult vocation
globally with special focus on the Philippines.
The foundation's goal is to add a tuition-free quality grade school, high school & vocational education opportunity from the existing St. Anthony Development and Learning Center site in the Philippines. This full-lifecycle of child and adult education demonstrates and highly encourages citizens of the Philippines to learn in their country, build small businesses in their country, and create and grow economies that allow them to stay in and serve their country.
2005 - The foundation's president traveled to Sri Lanka to assist displaced children and other tsunami victims. This mission was funded through Flagler County donors including foundation friend Dr. Violet Lara and a frequent flyer plane ticket.
2005 -  The foundation built St. Anthony Development and Learning Center to help impoverished Filipino children. Through this school, the students receive a quality primary (pre-k and kindergarten) education. The foundation's president and her husband provided personal funding. The foundation's president and her sisters Patty, Flora & Priscilla's donated an inherited piece of land.
2006 to Present - The foundation has collected, shipped, distributed, and installed hundreds of computers to the islands of Luzon, Visaya, and Mindanao. These technology donations were accomplished in partnership with Flagler County Adult & Community Education and in large part
through the leadership of foundation board member Veronica Maggs Thornton.
2007 to 2008 - The foundation started a program for women to start small businesses with the aid of microloans. This program was implemented in partnership with Flagler County Rotary Club and headed by foundation board member Veronica Maggs Thornton.
2009 - The foundation added an additional classroom to St. Anthony Development and Learning Center. The school in turn expanded their curriculum offerings to include 1st grade and additional adult education. This expansion was made possible in partnership with the General Electric and the University of North Florida & Scheidel Foundation. Foundation board member Noel San Antonio advocated for the foundation using his affiliation as an electrical engineering graduate of UNF and General Electric employee engineer. Noel also lead the student engineer contingent in the construction of the class room.
2011 to present  - Joy & Care-Giving Foundation facilitated two $5000 grants. One grant was given to the Plaridel Rotary Club for farming modernization.  The other $5,000 grant was given to The Lords Family Foundation to establish a banana chips factory for the indigenous people of the mountains. The Foundation for Aid to Philippines, Inc., of which Dr. Jess Socrates is the Vice President, awarded the grants. 
2012 -  The foundation's president joined a medical mission with Dr. Rolly Casis. The foundation president's medical mission expenses
were sponsored by the Philippine American Association of Palm Coast and Palm Coast Rotary Club, Josie joined  
2013 - The foundation's president will travel to the Philippines & oversee the construction of even more classrooms at St. Anthony's Development and Learning Center. The effort is made possible with help from Reverend Pastor Glover Gillard of First AME Church, Palm Coast Rotary Club, and General Electric.
2010 to Present  - The foundation grants a $1000 annual scholarship to the homeless and at risk to take courses at Flagler Technical Institute. This grant is made with help from Spa Floridian & Salon.
The foundation has implemented monthly food donation to the homeless. Food is delivered through Family to Family, SMDM Church.
A photo from our intial 2006 trip was featured on The National Geographic Website. Click Here.


A video of St. Anthony's Development Center has been uploaded to YouTube. You can view it here.