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Here is a story of how I became a Rotarian and am proud to be one.

on Wed, 08/21/2013 - 03:53
Here is a story of how I became a Rotarian and am proud to be one. 
I became a Rotarian in 2006 when Rotarian Veronica Maggs Thornton showed her eagerness in helping me with Joy & Care-Giving Foundation, Inc. (JCGF), the foundation I founded.  Based in Flagler County Florida, JCGF has undertaken a mission of eradicating poverty in the Philippines through education.  In order to accomplish this , JCGF built St. Anthony Development & Learning Center so that children, who otherwise would not receive quality early childhood education, have the opportunity to attend school.  Our goal is to build one grade each year up to high school and Vocational Technology School.
Make It-Take It, a division of Adult & Community Education, adopted St. Anthony Development & Learning Center.  Make It-Take It is a program that aims to bridge the digital divide locally and globally.  Program Coordinator, Veronica was instrumental in the donation of computers to JCGF, and has pledged ongoing support.
JCGF was instrumental in various grants from Flagler County Rotary Club of which Veronica was the global chairperson and grants from FAPI Livelihood Project chaired by Dr. Jess Socrates.